Google is confident to build a commercial-grade quantum computer by 2029

In addition, it is understood that Google will also build a quantum artificial intelligence center on a new campus in Santa Barbara, California. The park will house Googles first quantum data center, hardware research laboratory, and Googles own quantum processor chip manufacturing. facility.

The main benefits of quantum computing are processing power, scale, and precision, allowing researchers to run complex calculations at incredible speeds. Experts predict that quantum computing will help promote breakthroughs in multiple industries such as healthcare, economy, encryption, artificial intelligence, sustainable development, and energy.

Lucero said: "Looking forward to the next 10 years, from climate change to respond to the next pandemic, this new computer is needed in the face of many global challenges. In order to make better batteries (to reduce the load on the grid), or to make Fertilizers to feed the world without generating 2% of global carbon emissions (like nitrogen fixation today), or to make more targeted drugs (to stop it before the next pandemic starts), we need to better understand and design Molecules. This means accurately simulating nature. But these cannot be simulated very well with classical computers."

Google is not the only company participating in the quantum computing competition: IBM will install the first commercial quantum computer at the Cleveland Clinic this year as part of a 10-year cooperative program aimed at promoting healthcare and pharmaceutical Industry discovery.